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Turnkey Program Management

Connected Benefits is AMCA’s proprietary software platform that automates many of the critical processes associated with self-funded plan administration, including data entry; reporting; and secure, electronic data exchange with carriers for medical, dental and vision. It ensures employers and participating employees enjoy secure online access to important enrollment, benefits and billing information.

Connected Benefits integrates with leading health insurance providers and is customizable to meet to employers’ specific business requirements.


Enrollment is administered through Connected Benefits for a streamlined, accurate process. Several options are available to meet employers’ needs.

  • Initial enrollment can be loaded electronically from original census provided to Meritain.

  • AMCA provides complete training for users on the Connected Benefits system. Employers can add, terminate or make changes to members’ enrollment status and have those changes update automatically to the appropriate carriers.

  • All member and dependent changes can be centralized in the Connected Benefits instead of managing them across several systems.

  • As dependents age out of coverage they are automatically terminated, and the adjustments in coverage level/tiers is reported automatically to the employer.

  • Connected Benefits can receive files directly from most payroll providers. The initial set-up process involves AMCA working with the payroll provider to receive 834 files to provide all member and dependent updates, which then enables employers to have a single site for processing changes.

Level-Funded Billing Management

Connected Benefits supports multiple lines of coverage from capture and billing through remittance of multiple lines of coverage. Monthly premium equivalent rates are established to generate a consolidated, easy-to-read monthly invoice. Employee coverages are reported by division, plan or other employer-designated categories.

  • Groups electing level funding will receive monthly premium invoices via Connected Benefits, delivered via email to the primary contact. Invoices are generated on the 10th of the month, or the closest business day prior to the 10th.

  • Invoices will be available to Connected Benefits users and list each member and premiums by coverage (medical, dental and vision). Invoices also include current coverage detail, as well as retroactive change processed.

  • Premium payments can be made via check or ACH

AMCA also facilitates COBRA administration for medical, dental and vision at no additional charge. Multiple plan options and coverage levels are available.