COBRA Administration

AMCA’s Connected Benefits software facilitates COBRA administration for employers and their COBRA recipients. AMCA’s COBRA billing system is tied in to the active employee billing system and has the ability to share and synchronize information as needed

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Eligibility and termination communication

AMCA coordinates communication with COBRA participants and carriers including:

  • Enrollment confirmation

  • Qualifying-event confirmation

  • Invoicing

  • Rate change notifications

  • Termination

  • HIPAA certificate of coverage

We provide initial notice of COBRA rights to spouses when they are enrolled with a new employee or added to an existing employee’s coverage.

We generate electronic notification of second qualifying events and social-security disability determinations and obtain complete, accurate documentation from the enrolled member. Following notification of a qualifying event, notices are mailed to eligible beneficiaries.

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COVERage and payment management

AMCA bills, collects and remits payment to employers. We also receive and review completed election forms from qualified beneficiaries.

AMCA coordinates monthly invoicing for qualified beneficiaries who elect COBRA coverage, receives and processes premium payments, posts payments and remits them to employers for coverage under the plan.

We also process partial payments, late payments, valid grace period payments and reinstate coverage in accordance with COBRA regulations.


AMCA’s COBRA Department provides early-termination notices, final termination of coverage notices and HIPAA certificates of credible coverage when necessary, by required mail processes and in accordance with applicable COBRA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some important information about your COBRA benefits. Please review this first, and if you don’t see the answer to your question contact us using the form on this page.

  1. How much time do I have to sign up for COBRA? COBRA does not allow for a gap in coverage, so your COBRA benefits must start on the date your school coverage was terminated. If you wait until the end of your election period, your coverage will still be charged beginning on the date it was terminated.

  2. When will I be invoiced? Invoices are sent on the 10th of the month and are due on the 20th. The “coverage period” listed on your invoice is the month for which you are being billed. (Even if you are paid in advance, AMCA is contractually required to send a monthly statement, so you will always receive an invoice. )

  3. If my payment is late will be benefits be terminated? A standard grace period extends until the last day of the month, based on the postmarked date. Payments postmarked after the end of the month risk cancellation.

  4. When do my COBRA benefits expire? Your COBRA cessation date, the date on which your benefits will end, appears on the center of your monthly invoice.

  5. Why does my invoice show a negative amount due? A negative number on an invoice indicates a credit balance. If the amount due on your invoice is negative you do not owe a payment for that month.

  6. Can I pay by credit card? At this time AMCA is unable to process credit cards or payments by phone. You can mail a check or set up electronic payment.

  7. How do I set up electronic payment? Members of ACSHIC are eligible to set up electronic payment. Log in to your bank website, and use their online bill pay system to set up payment. (An in-person visit to the bank is not necessary or advised.) Your member number serves as your account number . You can also download the ACH form here or request one to be sent to you.

  8. What if I am eligible for Medicare? If you are on Medicare before you qualify for COBRA, you are offered medical, dental or vision. If you are on COBRA and become Medicare-eligible after your COBRA start date, all coverages end effective the first day of the month in which you turn 65. This is the same date your Medicare coverage will begin. You cannot keep COBRA coverage beyond this date unless you have a spouse or dependent child who was on the COBRA and who is under age 65.

  9. How do I add someone to my COBRA benefits? You may add someone only during open enrollment (May 15th - June 5th). The only exceptions are if you experience one of the following qualifying events: a) You have a baby (the baby is automatically covered for 30 days and then is added the first day of the next month); b) Having a baby enables you to add another person (other than the baby) to your coverage; c) If you get married you can add your spouse; d) If your spouse or child loses their health coverage they can be added to your coverage.Changes must be requested in writing.

  10. Can I remove someone from my coverage? You may terminate someone from your COBRA coverage at any time. Once they are terminated, however, they can only be reinstated during open enrollment. Termination requests must be made in writing.

ACSHIC-Specific Information


  • Medical cards are received within 7 to 10 business days from the time a member is updated by Highmark. There is no way to rush this.


  • United Concordia Dental Cards are received within 7 to 10 BUSINESS days from the time a member is updated by UCCI. They send enough cards for everyone on the coverage BUT all cards will only have the main participant’s name on them (they do not put dependent names on cards).

Davis Vision

  • Davis Vision will send out cards, if you do not receive your card, please contact us.

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