1095 Reporting

AMCA Systems offers full 1095 reporting support to employers through our Affordable Care Act (ACA) Track system.  The system works in conjunction with Connected Benefits to facilitate required filings.


Employee Demographics

The system intakes demographic information from the employers’ payroll or HR system for all current and former employees with current-year reporting requirements.

Employer defaults

Employers can specify defaults for:

  • Coverage offers

  • Enrollment options

  • Minimum premium costs

Upon import offer coverage codes, minimum premium and safe-harbor codes are updated for the entire year.

self-insured reporting

Health carrier enrollment files are automatically pulled over from Connected Benefits to facilitate self-insured reporting.

employee copies

The system automatically generates employee recipient copies that can be either printed and mailed or sent electronically as a PDF.

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All forms are e-filed to the IRS, including the 1094-C transmittal.